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BlueBlood.com has 1,300 Photo Sets and Pelting Sara X with Candy Rules!

This is the thirteen hundredth set for BlueBlood.com. 1,300 sets is a whole lotta sets. This series of it raining candy on Sara X clocks in at almost 200 pictures. That is a whole lotta photographs. Strong-willed, brutally honest, and of course very sexy, Sara X is just perfect for Blue Blood's 1,300th set celebration. Amelia G and Forrest Black had been given an artist's palette by a four star hotel as part of another celebration of the arts. Sara X just happened to have the perfect rainbow shirt and socks to coordinate with their candy. How cool that what amounts to found objects came together like this for the perfect shoot.


Additional NSFW samples after the jump. Whole set on BlueBlood.com of course.

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