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Hello. I am nomdepluum, host and chairman of the All Sexy People community. I created this community after spending the better part of two days here at livejournal looking for a place where what I call "sexy people" might congregate. I found no such place. Frankly many people here seem to be rather miserable, and complaining. I sensed the need for a place specially created for people like me: People who are happy with themselves and enjoying their lives to the fullest in every sense, including regular enjoyment of the natural human activity of sexual intercourse.

If you are longing for a good sexual relationship but have not succeeded in creating one yet I'm not sure you will enjoy this window very much, because I'm hoping that those who post here will be speaking mainly of their successes rather than their longings.

This is a place for the ebullient ones, the happy ones, the people who are feeling fulfilled sexually, as well as generally, in their lives. Misery may love company, but misery will, I hope, not find much company here.

So what is a "sexy person?"
1. You look good. You are naturally attractive.
2. You have a high level of self-esteem and are not depressed.
3. You are healthy and in great shape, not overweight.
3. You THINK about looking and feeling good and you TAKE ACTION to make sure you stay that way: Things like exercise, diet, cosmetics, meditation, yoga, Pilates, weights, etc.
4. You are successful. Define that however it is appropriate for you, but please don't come here to moan about your lack of success. This is a place for winners.
5. (This is important!) You are sexually active, you make love frequently, you enjoy sex, and you are openminded about it.

You may be married or single, of any age or gender and have any gender preference. But please remember that in order to be one of those who is in keeping with the spirit of this page, you will be sexually active and sexually happy.

The quintessential example of the type of person who will find this site harmonious with their own spirit is a beautiful person, wealthy, happy, fulfilled in every way, including but not exclusively sexually. Of course you may not be exactly like all this, but the question is, do you have that spirit of success, and are you sexually fulfilled, as it is natural for attractive successful humans to be. If the answer is yes, this is your place.

For my own part I am what is usually referred to as "a jet-setter." I am an American, originally from the midwest but I have spent many years overseas. I live on the upper east side of Manhattan (thinking of moving downtown, though). I am a very successful professional, #1 in in my field and extremely well-known, though not famous to the general population. I have worked in nearly 50 countries and am quite wealthy. I am 51 years old, 6'1" (185cm), weight 185lbs (84kgs) and am in spectacular physical condition.

I am divorced and living with a strikingly beautiful European woman, 16 years younger than I am, a professional dancer, 5'6", (167cm), 115lbs (52kgs) with naturally blonde hair and washboard abs. Every time she comes back to the apartment she is full of stories about all the men who approached her as she was on her way to the post office or whatever. We travel around the world together on business and pleasure and we make love every day. We are extremely happy and have no substantive complaints about our lives or each other.

We're sky-high naturally and we wonder: Where are all the other ones like us? Are we the only two people in the world living so happily, so fully? Perhaps this window will provide the answer to that question.

Welcome...to All Sexy People.

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