fritz_de (fritz_de) wrote in allsexypeople,

my cute little girl

This communitiy seems to be a bit bored or inactive, because their is only this nice bloke posting absolutely fabulous pictures of fabulous girls.

Now about my cute little girl-friend, which I would like so much to fuck again, fighting still with this adultery moral and my serious relationship. But this is another problem.
I met her again and there were so many emotions and we were kissing hot and fiddling with her bra and nice breasts and even slipping my hands under her underpants and feeling the trimmed hair of her pussy. It was like reloading an empty accumulator (or how You call it in English), or plugging the files of a machine, so that it could start again. And on the other hand, I knew that realy fucking her would be too much for my little boy-heart (I'm 49) to remain in 2 relationships.
But I am working on this or on polyamory, and now my wife knows again and we are discussing what can be done,
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